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CNS Press, L.L.C. operates an editorial marketing and syndication service.

For freelance writers and photographers interested in writing or submitting photographs to City News Service or National Features Syndicate, our service will consider the following types of material:

City News Service, L.L.C.

Well-written feature stories, human interest material, features with photos, well-documented exposés, weekly or monthly humor columns and adjudicated crime stories. We will not consider poetry, opinion pieces, or hard late breaking or spot news.

National Features Syndicate, L.L.C.

Well-written business and management features stories and monthly business columns targeted toward small business owners. Articles can cover any aspect of business or any type of business but they must be well researched and documented.



Photos should match and complement feature and/or business stories. Crime photos should be part of an adjudicated crime story. Human interest shots may be considered without accompanying editorial material. Photos should be 5 x 7 glossy black and white or 35mm transparencies. We do not accept snapshots or instant prints

Submission Rules

IMPORTANT: Freelancers must not submit completed manuscripts or photographs until given approval by the editors. Only editorial queries or photographic descriptions can be sent to our editorial e-mail address, Full manuscripts or photographs sent to this address will be automatically deleted.. Queries and photo descriptions should not exceed one e-mail page.

If the editors are interested in your idea they will provide a special e-mail address where full manuscripts and photographs must be sent. Specific submission instructions will be provided with the editor's approval e-mail.

Manuscripts and photographs can be submitted by regular mail. Mail submissions must be accompanied by a self-addressed stamped return envelope if you want unaccepted material returned. All copy should be typed double spaced. Leave a 3 inch margin at the top of page one and one-inch margins on both sides. Name, address and phone number should be on the top of the first page. Computer printouts are okay. Hand written material will not be accepted.

Reporting Times/Payment

Reporting time is usually two to ten weeks. If the editors approve and accept a completed manuscript or photographic submission a payment offers will be made along with the syndication agreement. Material may be purchased outright or marketed under a commission plan through syndication.

Changing Editorial Needs

In addition to her standard editorial mixture specific needs occur from time to time. Freelancers should check here occasionally for new editorial needs.

Editors and Publishers

Do you need editorial material for your publication. Our editorial service specializes in providing human interest feature stories business features humor and business columns. Click HERE for additional information.


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